Prevents and repairs injuries


Reduction of chronic pain and inflammation


Anti-aging effect and improvement of skin problems


Improve the sleep pattern and energy level


Fighting stress, depression or burnout


Do you also want to feel reborn in just 3 minutes? Discover Whole Body Cryotherapy! This is a safe, painless treatment in which the body is exposed to -3ºC for 110 minutes. View our treatments and easily make an appointment!

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At Frozen you are at the right place to follow IV Nutrient Therapy (IVNT). Thanks to Frozen everyone is able to provide his or her body with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. These are easily introduced into the body with the help of a vitamin infusion. By choosing this drip you know for sure that your blood can easily transfer all the nutrients to the right organs in the body.

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During the Whole Body Cryo treatment, your body is exposed to a temperature of -3 degrees for 110 minutes. Injuries recover faster, the skin rejuvenated, pain complaints subside and your condition improved. Read more information about our Cryo booth in Eindhoven!

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Cryotherapy: history

In the year 4000 BC, Hippocrates described how cold has a pain-soothing effect. Cryotherapy was born from this idea. The body is exposed to extreme cold. Cryotherapy has been developed in Japan by Dr. Yamauchi. He has drawn up a plan whereby he can treat rheumatism patients through cryotherapy and reduce additional pain and inflammation complaints.

He soon noticed that the complaints of patients decreased considerably after the application of cryotherapy. The therapy became more popular and in recent years has continued to expand to various parts of the world, including the north of Europe. Cryotherapy has now grown and is also being used to strengthen the immune system. It has also become popular among athletes by speeding up muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.

How does Cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy is possible at Frozen in Eindhoven. The best known form of cryotherapy is Whole Body Cryotherapy. But how exactly does this form of cryotherapy work?

The cryo session takes place in a special cryo cabin in which an extremely cold climate is created. The temperature in this cabin is around -110 degrees below zero.

During a cryo treatment the customer wears as little clothing as possible (swimwear, slippers, socks, gloves, ear muffs and a mouth cap). This exposes the skin to extreme cold. The skin surface cools very quickly. This causes the heat receptors in the skin to send a signal to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus will realize various responses to this.

The brain will direct all non-critical parts of the body to limit blood flow to the muscles and tissue. For example, the blood can partially retreat to the trunk with the aim of protecting vital organs and keeping them warm for as long as possible. Due to this accelerated flow, the blood temperature can rise to 40 degrees for a short time. The feverish temperature fights certain viruses and bacteria in our blood, just like with flu.

On the way to the organs, the blood absorbs extra oxygen. This is partly made possible by the oxygen-rich climate in the cabin. The body also brings extra hormones, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream to increase the chance of survival. While the organs are surrounded and fed by enriched blood, the malfunctioning or weakened organs are also enriched as much as possible so that these organs can also recover.

The moment you get out of the cabin, the brain will receive the signal that the temperature has changed. Under the influence of higher blood pressure, the blood flows back to the arms and legs at high speed. Blood vessels that may have been blocked can open again due to the increased pressure. When they arrive at the non-critical tissues, they will receive the same benefits as the internal organs that were protected during treatment. The enriched blood transports waste better, the production of collagen goes up and both your metabolism and immune system get a boost.

The cryo treatment is completely painless to follow. These are the results of the treatment:

• Strengthening the immune system
• A considerably better blood flow
• An accelerated and improving metabolism
• Reduction of possible pain / muscle pain
• Production of the hormone serotonin
• Less itching on the body
• Less trouble with spasms
• Faster muscle recovery
• Removing viruses from the body
• Detoxification in the body
• Restore the hormones
• It gives a feeling of euphoria
• Improve your sleep quality
• New creation of cells
• Stimulation of collagen production
• Relieving rheumatism or osteoarthritis


Whole Body Cryo is a safe treatment. However, a number of contraindications have been established. These are physical conditions where it is not safe to undergo a Whole Body Cryo session. If you suffer from the following contraindications, it is therefore not advisable to undergo a cryotherapy session.

• Untreated high blood pressure
• Severe hypertension: Blood pressure higher from 180 / 95 mmHg
• Venous thrombosis: blood clots in the veins
• Severe anemia
• Blood disorders
• Peripheral artery diseases: Display legs: narrowing of the arteries in the legs
• Vasculitis: Disease in which the blood vessels become inflamed
• Heart and vascular disease
• A heart attack or heart attack in the last 6 months
• Recent heart surgery
• Heart valve defects
• Unstable angina: heart cramping that occurs without immediate cause and does not go away on its own (imminent heart attack)
• A pacemaker
• Heart rhythm disorder
• Cold allergy
• Raynaud's phenomenon (vascular disorder where blood flow stops to the fingers or toes. You get numb, discolored fingers or toes when exposed to cold)
• Epileptic attacks
• Bacterial and viral skin infections
• Wound healing disorders
• Acute kidney disease and / or acute urinary tract disorders
• Lung disease
• Cancer
• Polyneuropathy: Muscle diseases in which the nerves are affected
• Pregnancy
• Age younger than 16 years (requires parental permission)
• Claustrophobia
• Slow thyroid gland